Raw Honey Sales

About our HONEY:

We offer a variety of local honey flavors. We place our hives in Texas Brush Land. Depending on location the honey can be wildflower, Mesquite, Blackbrush, Guajillo. Each variety has its unique color and taste.

Our Honey is raw, unheated and unfiltered. Our honey is only strained to remove bits of honey comb wax, so it still contains original pollen. We do not heat the honey like commercial honey packers do in order to retain sugar crystals. In addition to removing sugar crystals, heat above 115 degrees destroys the antioxidants, important enzymes, vitamins and other beneficial attributes.

Also, many people find that heated honey looses much of its natural aroma and flavor. We are local producers with hives in rural areas away from commercial property and agricultural chemical use. Our apiaries are operated organically, and the use of commercial chemicals is prohibited.

Honey is available through private sale and it is a seasonal product we have plans to offer our honey for sale through local vendors and at the Farmers Market in Laredo.